99 Retirement Tips from Ken Fisher

Dear Investor,

My company, Fisher Investments, takes care of retirement investing for thousands of the world’s most interesting, affluent and effective people. My employees and I view this as a unique privilege.

Every day, our Investment Counselors talk at length with clients. They keep our clients informed about what we’re doing with their money and why. That includes our forecasts for capital markets and the world economy. At the same time, clients tell us what they’re learning on their paths into and through retirement.

We learn from our clients as we teach them. They often tell us what’s working in their lives and what has helped them along the way. We’re pleased to share some of these tips with you in this free guide, 99 Retirement Tips.

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I hope you find 99 Retirement Tips useful, based on what we’ve learned from our clients, and hope you’ll want to explore becoming a client yourself when it’s right for you.


Ken Fisher
Founder and Executive Chairman
Fisher Investments