CXO Advisory Group, an independent market research firm, accumulated evaluations from 2005-2012 in an extensive study of publicly available US stock market forecasts and ranked the forecaster according to the accuracy of their past forecasts. In their study, the CXO Advisory Group "restricted reviews to publicly available material, putting [themselves] in the place of an individual investor trying to locate value in the marketplace." You can find the results by visiting the following website:

After analyzing more than two years of research of US stock market forecasts for about 60 gurus including bulls, bears, technicians and fundamentalists, Ken Fisher has been a Top-Ranked Market Forecaster according to CXO Advisory Group. Ken Fisher has been writing Forbes magazine's "Portfolio Strategy" column for over 30 years and is the third-longest running columnist in the magazine's 90-plus year history. The following chart includes the top 64 forecasters who have been given a ranking by CXO Advisory Group. Based on a report completed in 2013 by CXO Advisory Group. The final report, titled “Guru Grades”, contains accuracy ratings for 68 forecasters collected over a period from 2005 to 2012 including market forecasts by Ken Fisher as published in Forbes. Ken Fisher's market forecasts in Forbes represent his personal forecasts of the overall market and are not an indication of the performance of Fisher Investments. Not all forecasts may be as accurate as those in the past. Investing in securities involves the risk of loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.