This Month in Market History

From the creation of our current financial institutions to stories of bear markets past, this column reveals key market events from this month in history. Check back here for bits of investing history that helped shape the modern market we know today.

Armistice Signed between Germany and the Allies in 1918

It’s not surprising, but worth remembering that global wars devastate people and markets.

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November 1867: The Invention of the Stock Ticker

We tend to take the rapid flow of information for granted, but it wasn’t always this way.

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This Month in History—October 1998:
The October Melt Up

October market crashes give the month a bad rap. But what about the many, many times October didn’t result in a big, bad downturn?

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This Month in History—September 1720: The South Sea Bubble

September 1720 marked the culmination of one of modern finance’s first asset bubbles—the South Sea Bubble.

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