In Markets Never Forget, Ken Fisher layouts out his argument for why we should all heed the past and study it, but know “this time it isn’t different.”  From politics to recessions, by reviewing and studying history, patterns are more easily identified (although very rarely repeated exactly), and can be used as a guide for future investing decisions. 

As Ken Fisher explains, “A great many things we think are new and different, we’ve had around for a long time.”  And, “One concern some may have about this book is: Can the past predict the future? No, the past never predicts the future. But what the past does, in studying it, is allow us to see the impact of things in prior periods.” 

Markets Never Forget

Markets Never Forget (But People Do):
How Your Memory Is Costing You Money – and Why This Time Isn’t Different

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
November 2011
Hardcover: 240 pages

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