Best-Selling Author

Ken Fisher has written 11 books over the course of his career, 4 of which became New York Times bestsellers. Using his years of investing experience and knowledge, Ken Fisher shares many of his investing thoughts and strategies on a variety of topics. Most of the books cover a different aspect of investing and address different myths or concerns about the stock market.

Other Ken Fisher Titles

  • The Little Book of Market Myths: How to Profit by Avoiding the Mistakes Everyone Else Makes
  • Plan Your Prosperity: The Only Retirement Guide You'll Ever Need Starting Now - Whether You're 22, 52 or 82
  • Super Stocks: The Book That's Changing the Way Investors Think
  • 100 Minds That Made The Market
  • The Wall Street Waltz, 90 Visual Perspectives: Illustrated Lessons from Financial Cycles and Trends